GreenTeck Global work with a large variety of industries, providing unique sustainable sanitising solutions for every environment.


"GreenTeck Global were outstanding in supporting the training of GFSL employees on how to use the AquaTeck  and conducted training to the highest standard in providing additional protection to their work environment."


Michaela Mckie, Director of Soft Services

Government Facility Services Limited

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"In the homes where we have replaced chemical cleaning with the AquaTeck, we have seen nearly 60% savings on our cleaning materials costs each month. GreenTeck Global are an innovative company that strives to find products to improve the efficiency of routine cleaning whilst also0 saving costs"


Ian Coldrick, CEO

Creative Care

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"AquaTeck Spray from GreenTeck is a fantastic product, it's possible a game changer in this industry replacing sanitiser, all purpose cleaner and degreaser at once with the safest liquid (drinkable water). Strongly recommend getting this product!"


Mamoru Shoda, Operations Manager 


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Every Industry

From large government corporations to independent coffee shops, GreenTeck Global strive to improve

sustainability and hygiene in every setting. 


Jim Beans Coffee Shop

Barista Will


"It's that peace of mind knowing every surface is clean...cleanliness is key when it comes to serving food and if it gets in food prep areas it's completely safe"


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Eyres Monsell Primary School

Premises Officer Charlie


"AquaTeck is safe for staff and students in the school as there is no COSHH required. Moving away from chemicals is definitely the way forward."


AbbeyField Society Care Homes

House Manager Nicky 


"GreenTeck gives you that confidence that you were doing everything you possibly can to eradicate all illness...we use it daily"


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phs Group Collaboration

GreenTeck Global are proud to announce that we are the official supplier of the Eco Flow for phs Group, the UK's largest washroom provider. This technology is set to revolutionise odour control in washrooms by using ozone to efficiently break down uric acid crystals (without the use of hazardous chemicals.


The Eco Flow eliminates the need for synthetic air fresheners (designed to simply mask smells) as the Eco Flow destroys the source of the stubborn odour, saving on cleaning manpower.

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