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  • GreenTeck 300ml Flairosol Bottle

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  • GreenTeck 5L Starter Pack

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GreenTeck 300ml Flairosol Bottle

Refillable Bottles For Every Need Shop Now

GreenTeck 5L Starter Pack

Every Household Solution Shop Now

GreenTeck 5L Bag-InBox

Choose refill not landfill Shop Now


Join the eco friendly cleaning revolution. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and single use plastic and switch to Mother Nature's cleaner.


Fantastic Products. Pet friendly so i don't have to worry about my pooch anymore

Peter C

Ordered Starter Pack and won't have to use the smelly sanitisers around my house anymore. Fabulous!

Olivia F

Germ free house with refillable spray bottle in each bathroom.



Use in Gym

I’m a personal trainer that was forced to work mobile during lockdown, therefore having to purchase a range of equipment for my clients in order to continue their training.

Because of this, I wanted to make sure I was doing what I could to keep risk minimal for my clients and myself during the pandemic.

Greenteck pure genius - anti viral sanitising spray allowed me to do just that. It’s a safe & effective product that I have continued to use indoors & outdoors to keep my equipment clean and virus free so all of my clients can train with the knowledge they’re in a safe environment.

The spray is also free of the harsh odours and chemicals that many antibacterial products usually have, which my equipment and my hands are very pleased about.

Conor Rourke

Family & Pets

Greenteck  Pure Genius - Anti-viral sanitising spray is one of the most brilliant and innovative product I have found for many years. It is a fabulous cleaning product that I am happy to have around the Family and pets as it won’t harm them but does the job that’s needed. It works equally well in the kitchen, bathroom or cleaning the floors and sanitising door handles.

When cleaning up puppy puddles it removes the smell for both dogs and humans - which is fantastic! Also if you know anyone who has lost their sense of smell this is a great product as it cleans and sanitises without any smell ( no more overpowering bleach) which is kind to those that can smell and healthier for those that can’t.

Finally to make it a 5* product it comes in an innovative spray bottle that is propellant free, non pressurised and can be refilled - making you an eco warrior trying to protect the planet but still getting essential jobs done in the healthiest way.
I am so impressed I am gifting bottles of Pure Genius to my family and friends so that they too can discover the magic!