Designed with large, commercial spaces in mind, EnozoPRO gets you the industrial-capacity sanitizing power you need to keep your business running. Ditch the harsh chemicals, mixing, diluting and odors for a water-based sanitizing alternative that leaves behind zero residues.


Did you know that our EnozoPRO can clean half of a football field for just $499 versus the over $2,700 you’d end up spending on bleach to complete the same job?
Bleach requires the second step of washing surfaces with water after application making the process not only filled with harsh and potentially harmful chemicals but also more work. With EnozoPRO you just fill (with tap water), spray, and wipe – simplifying your entire cleaning process to save both time and money, or even make more money as a professional cleaner. EnozoPRO kills 99.9% of bacteria 3000 times faster than bleach while enabling you to ditch the harsh chemicals and clean with confidence. A baby-friendly cleaning solution that harnesses the power of nature as an unmatched commercial-level cleaner, sanitizer, and deodorizer. Welcome to the future of cleaning. A future that is people-safe, environmentally-safe, simplified, easier, and far more effective for stopping the spread of harmful bacteria and chemicals globally. All with using just tap water and some really smart science built by a team of MIT scientist graduates.