the trials and tribulations of PET infiltration by Guy Hewitt. RUG FEST organiser.


Here at Rugfest Towers, me and the missus have got rid of most of the kids and you would think as a result we enjoy the spotlessness that a 2 adult home can bring - There is however a nuanced difference between getting rid and never seeing and as is the want of the trusty millennial, their ability to be at home increases by the amount you think they have left. Add to that, that for the missus to compensate herself for the loss of her "babies", we have added to the household with the addition of dogs (furry, smelly not widely house trained, two for the enjoyment of). Why am I telling you this you may well wonder? Well it is simple - It means the Towers as well as the trusty chariots (of which there are often 4 lurking about) are usually and undeniably cleanliness challenged.

We were incredibly lucky therefore to get to test out the EnozoPro - a sparklingly great product from GreenTeck Global. Having already put their Ozone air freshener through its paces and been stunned by it's effectiveness we were expecting great things.

But our suspicions were greatly raised when the product turned up with outstanding claims of cleanliness and bacterial massacre, only to find a rechargeable hand held spray that had the initial ingredient of Adam's finest ale. What trickery was this ?  Not knowing whether this was Cardini or Cooper we put the EnozoPro to task.

Starting where others fear to tread, the first task would be very demanding and was to clear up after the dogs had had a hard days night in their sleeping zone !! surely no amount of magic water would deal with this we thought but with trusty spray and cloth it stopped being a big jobbie and quickly things returned to normal.

 Motivated by this example other tasks fell victim to the spray and cloth team - work surfaces lost their grime and the seemingly endless toothpaste covered surfaces in the bathroom took on a whole new look - the bath , shower screens, coffee tables - surely not the cooker ?? and none with that slightly waxy look and feel that normal cleaners give.

The same goes for the car where certain dashboards can now be seen from under a decade of MaccyDee's coffee stains and as for windows ? - you can now see in and out through de-smeared glass in cars and the Towers alike. Yep this nifty magician has literally cleaned up. Surely this could not continue, but having only charged it twice in the first 6 weeks we have had it, this handy little device has literally meant we have bought no cleaning sprays (window, bathroom, kitchen,car, general ….) and just used the "thingy". Thingy you may ask? well we really haven't known what to call it - EnozoPro is never gonna work, so in the absence of anything else, the cry of "oho grab the thingy !" often rings out around the corridors of this crumbling pile.

The "thingy" is simply mind-boggling in its efficiency and whether it is magic or science I care not - I can clean everything with a thingy full of water … That's great in my books.