ENOZO: Lightening can strike more than once. Harnessing the power of Aqueous ozone.

Have you ever noticed how fresh the air smells and feels after a lightening storm? This is power Ozone!

Essentially, Ozone is produced naturally by passing an electrical discharge, such as lightning, through oxygen molecules. Unfortunately nature can only do this in the gas form; Enozo can do this in water using a novel patented method with very low voltage and special diamond electrodes.

Lightning is a perfect example of making an abundance of O3 to purify the earth's atmosphere  - Nature's way of cleaning and sanitising.

Enozo have harnessed the power of this in every bottle. 

Aqueous ozone, produced by Enozo, is produced only using water in the presence of an electrical charge. Every ENOZO bottle contains electrodes that charge the water this then travels through diamonds in the ENOZO head, producing Aqueous Ozone - a powerful natural sanitiser.

This electrical charge triple oxygenates the water creating a sanitised liquid that not only kills 99.9% of common household bacteria, but revolutionises the way people sanitise, deodorise and clean spaces. Pet safe, child safe, non toxic, no nasties, kind to the planet......mother natures natural sanitiser.

Simply charge, fill and spray for the equivalent to 7 bottles of household product in every charge. And each ENOZOPRO can create over 2700 litres of sanitised fluid in its lifetime.....equivalent to over 5000 fewer plastic bottles and money saving too. What's not to love! Kind to you and your family, kind to the planet and safe to use around kids and pet. Try for yourself, with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty for the ENOZOHOME and 2 year for the ENOZOPRO, you have nothing to lose.

stay safe!